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Our efforts will hopefully be a means of safeguarding our faith, that of our families and future generations to come.

Respected Brothers and Sisters,

Our mission is to establish an Islamic presence in Milton keynes that is balanced, constructive, an​d integrated, though distinct, in the social fabric and culture of UK.

Our Vision is to contribute to:

  • Making the prevalent understanding of Islam, one of balance, constructive engagement, and relevance to life.
  • Integrating the understanding of Islam and Islamic values in society so that Islam and Muslims are not perceived as alien;
  • Helping Muslims become well represented in various aspects of society including the social, legal, and political circles, as well as the media; and
  • Positioning ourselves at the forefront in articulating this vision, developing leadership, mobilizing grassroots, and offering institutional services in the community.

Was Salaam
Bournemouth Jamei Mosque

Your Support Is Important!

May we all be rewarded for our support with this. Aameen.


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