And Allah invites you to the home of PEACE
Remeber the favour of
O Mankind
upon you
Make us strong in your way
Ya Allah


Welcome to Bournemouth Jamei Masjid
Your Local Masjid & Islamic Centre for community services

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Hijri Date
Monday 8 Muharram 1446 on July 15, 2024

Bournemouth Jamei Masjid and Islamic Centre a faith-based organization following a moderate understanding of Islam stemming from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This understanding focuses on reconciling faith with contemporary challenges, providing a clear articulation of balance, tolerance and moderation. This understanding encourages constructive engagement in society and focuses on personal and communal empowerment to contribute to the development of healthy societies.

Bournemouth Jamei Masjid and Islamic Centre is a well established mosque that has been a key pillar in the community ever since its humble beginnings. The mosque is hospitable to all those that walk through its doors providing them with a place of prayer, learning and communal support. The mosque regularly hosts visitors and has hosted highly respected scholars over the years.


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Our Services

Our efforts to promote and encourage mutual appreciation and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Daily Salah 

5 Daily Prayer for all Muslims at the Islamic Centre. For timings please refer page “Prayer Times“.

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Islamic Studies

In this day and age, we simply cannot overemphasize the need for our children to be imbued with the necessary moral and religious foundations based upon sound Islamic teachings.

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Marriage Solemnisation Family life is the building block of a successful society, and marriage is an occasion of great joy in the Muslim community.

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We have access to a body washing facilities in Masjid available for Janazah, which can be arranged please get in touch with the Masjid support service.

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Our Vison

We aim to Inspire people to faith and to increase in faith through Talks, Social Media, various Social Activities and our Young Ummah program.

To focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community

Meet the needs of the local community by promoting health, education and employment opportunities

We aim to encourage the worship of Allah (Glory be to Him) and to Serve the community.

We aim to Educate Muslims and non-Muslims, both young and old about the true Islamic teachings.


make us strong in your way

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Know more about Islam

It means submission to the Will of God. The root of the word also means peace. A person who follows Islam is known as a Muslim – one who submits.